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Today Kios is turning to the bathroom space, your bathroom space. Lines, shapes, grains and lacquers all come together to create your bathroom. A happy, green, eclectic, sophisticated, sleek, deco, modern space. Pandora is the new collection that best expresses our values and made-in-Italy originality.

Pandora is a modular range with groove openings in the same finish as the units.

Pandora P.01

Pandora P.02

Pandora P.03

Pandora P.04

Pandora P.05

Pandora P.06

Pandora P.07

Pandora P.08

Pandora P.09

Pandora P.10

Pandora P.11

Pandora P.12

Pandora P.13

Pandora P.14

Pandora P.15

Pandora P.16

Pandora P.17

Pandora P.18

Pandora P.19

Pandora P.20

Pandora EVO P.21

Pandora EVO P.22

Pandora EVO P.23

Pandora EVO P.24

Pandora EVO P.25

Pandora EVO P.26

Pandora EVO P.27

Pandora EVO P.28

Pandora EVO P.29

Pandora EVO P.30

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