Kios thoughts about a line of essential and complementary modules, available to become chromatics signs full of personality, this is the secret able to give to this line an artistic use of shapes, as we see in some compositions remembering sensations of a lively cubism.
The clean and pure lines of the forniture optimize the spaces, both, functional and decorative ones, and, in the same way, give to the ambient meanings like order and purity as a SPA. Precious and stand-up materials, like glass and wood, become an alchemy. Speaking about simple jewels with the effect of a tailor made elegance.


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Style exercises between light and space

Domino DO.01

Domino DO.02

Domino DO.04

Domino DO.05

Domino DO.07

Domino DO.08

Domino DO.11

Domino DO.15

Domino DO.16

Domino DO.19


Style exercises between light and space
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