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A collection of pure shapes and flexible units, all made in Italy and designed to give your bathroom space real customised style.
This flexible composition o…ers a vast array of materials and finishes, from warm, neutral and cold lacquered shades, to the Orion and Duna wood grains, as well as cement and HPL finishes.
They each transform the colour palette in the bathroom, creating a look that works well with spaces that have a metropolitan or even a classical feel.

The black Agata handle flush to the door, and the Clara chrome-plated handle with the new minimal Elettra and Black mirrors give the collection a distinctive look.
Sleek details define the style.

Athena A.01

Athena A.02

Athena A.03

Athena A.04

Athena A.05

Athena A.06

Athena A.07

Athena A.08

Athena A.09

Athena A.10

Athena A.11

Athena A.12

Athena A.13

Athena A.14

Athena A.15

Athena A.16

Athena A.17

Athena A.18

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